Scheme of work for primary schools pdf

New Syllabus for Primary Only. But i think it will be most appropriate if you categorise curriculum.

scheme of work for primary schools pdf

Like Like. But i think it will be most appropriate if you categorise the curriculum. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Mintah Eric Smile it off. Stay updated via RSS. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Fevlo Bright says:. January 9, at pm.

How to Prepare a Scheme of Work

January 10, at am. King Danito says:.

scheme of work for primary schools pdf

October 22, at pm. Adams Zarrawo says:. October 5, at am. Rashid says:. October 28, at am. Sir Ike says:. October 30, at pm. Richard D. Fiagbor says:. September 19, at pm. Nick says:. September 11, at am.

Kojo Asiedu-Odei says:.Best Salaams, Mall. Jameel, Thanks a lot for this blog generally and the excellent piece above. I see this as an intelligible brief and reference point for professionals in the education sector, but also for parents too at home. However, I became a bit worried that what we lack in Nigeria are not the intellectuals like you, and not even the very good pieces as presented in the above scheme of work for teachers.

Your piece reminded me of a discussion I had recently on the same issue with some friends in Nigeria we together read an email I received from my daughter who just started her SS1 in Scotland. She was briefing me in the email the outcome of the "Work Experience" programme they underwent. This is what they start here right from their Secondary School level.

Her narrative, according to my friends who read it, was marvellous both in content and presentation. It was also very inspirational from the system perspective.

But, as said, Mall. Jameel, that has been part of our system too at least in our days. It might not be in the organised and sophisticated manner we see it happening in the UK and other more developed societies across the globe as you elicited in the original article.

I want to say, also, that whatever our private primary and secondary schools will be able to do to inculcate those values, the bigger challenge is how to revive our public school system. This is because the greater majority of the population still attends the public schools as they cannot afford the private.

Reviving the system should include using your great ideas to refine and up-grade the curriculum being used. I have always thought of a way to go about reviving the public schools system: if we as a nation are serious about this, the Government on power should require all public office holders and particularly political appointees and bureaucrats to, as a matter, of policy, enrol their children only in public schools.

Does this sound naive? Of course, there is also the issue of the parent responsibility. Most parents unfortunately themselves need the kind of training suggested in the suggested scheme of work.


They, thus, lack the moral standing to perform their part of the responsibility to complement the efforts of the teachers in the school.

I will leave the parents in this category to proffer a solution to this challenge. Once again, Mall. Jameel, jazakumullahu khairan. Enter your comment Hi, am.

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scheme of work for primary schools pdf

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The best possible answers are given here regarding the selection of an ideal supplement or cream or serum that possibly remains to be safe for health and do not cause any side effects.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Disiplin Sjkcpenjom. Overview of the Primary Year 1 Scheme of Work p.

Glossary of terms in the Primary Year 1 curriculum framework p. Differentiation strategies for Primary Year 1 p. Formative Assessment p. Suggested Pre-Lesson tasks p. Suggested Post-Lesson tasks p. Scheme of Work Lessons 1 — 81 p. The Scheme of Work contains the following sections: 1. Overview of Primary Year 1 National-Type School Scheme of Work This section will explain to teachers how the Scheme of Work is organised and provides detail on the two types of lesson in the Scheme of Work: textbook-based lessons and non-textbook-based lessons.

Glossary of terms in the Primary Year 1 curriculum framework In order to assist teachers in understanding the Content and Learning Standards which will appear in each lesson, a number of these Standards have been explained in more detail.

Differentiation strategies for Primary Year 1 This section provides teachers with a number of suggested differentiation strategies which teachers may wish to use within their classes.

Download New Schemes of Work for Secondary Schools in Kenya 2020

There are a total of seven strategies and each lesson will have a recommendation for teachers as to which strategies could be used within that particular lesson. Formative Assessment This section provides a short overview of formative assessment and suggests 5 possible ways teachers can assess their pupils.

Suggested Pre-Lesson Tasks Teachers have been provided with a selection of tasks which can be used at the start of each of the non- textbook-based lessons. There are a total of 12 tasks and details in how each task can be used are provided. Suggested Post-Lesson Tasks As with the above Pre-Lesson tasks, teachers have also been provided with 12 tasks that can be used at the end of each non-textbook-based lesson. Scheme of Work Lessons 1 — 81 This section provides teachers with detailed information for both the textbook-based lessons and the non-textbook-based lessons.

This will include the Content and Learning Standards for each lesson, details of the lesson outline, the learning materials and suggested differentiation strategies. For the non- textbook-based lessons, detailed lesson outlines have been supplied which teachers can choose to follow or adapt as necessary. They can use the Scheme of Work to help with their daily, weekly and longer-term lesson planning. The Scheme of Work provides outlines for lessons which focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing or Language Arts over the whole school year.

In addition, it provides suggestions on pre-lesson, lesson development and post-lesson content. It also suggests ways of differentiating learning tasks to help pupils at different levels of language understanding and use. How are content and skills organised in Primary Year 1? Primary Year 1 starts with two getting-to-know-you lessons, two phonics lessons, and a Language Arts lesson.

From Lesson 6 onwards, Primary Year 1 is generally organised into textbook-based lessons using the selected textbook - Superminds 1 and non-textbook-based lessons.Many basic education teachers and parents whose children are about to get their primary education in Nigeria are looking for the scheme of work for Nigerian primary schools.

The country offers primary education along with detailed schemes of work, and anyone who is interested in this information can access it thanks to NERDC program. Different countries have their own educational systems, but many things are often in common. For example, all Nigerians know that their public education is controlled by the state in the face of the Ministry of Education. With different regions, a big number of public schools and teachers, the curriculum, and scheme of work differ from school to school.

Still, there is a program designed to unite educational system in Nigeria and offer similar recommendations for basic education throughout the country. This 5-letter abbreviation is the short title of a program called Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council.

The program unites hundreds of professors and academics who help teachers and all interested researchers by developing electronic curriculum, books, various services, etc.

According to Nigerian educational system, primary education here starts for kids who turn three years old and continue for the next 6 years as they enter a primary school. After all these years of studies, children get certificates for completing their primary education. The scheme of work depends on the subjects Nigerian children study in public or private educational institutions, and this list includes:.

Scheme of work for different basic subjects helps Nigerian teachers provide better knowledge for kids and parents learn more about what their young minds study. This can be helpful when you wish to prepare and successfully pass common entrance exams. A scheme of work is like a guideline that outlines each course offered by basic education across Nigeria.

While the short description of each course taught in primary schools and can be found on NERDC website, those people who wish to get to the details have to pay 12, Naira for Primary Curriculum that also works as a basic scheme of work for Nigerian primary schools.

scheme of work for primary schools pdf

All teachers from primary schools can access the scheme of work offered by NERDC, share and compare their notes, explore interesting teaching methods and resources, find new electronic books, collaborate with others, etc. Main Ask Legit Ask Legit. Source: Legit. Show Comments. Names of best states for NYSC posting in New Syllabus for Primary Only. The new education reform, has com to fruition by offering B.

Ed Bachelor of Education from and beyond. Below is the Admission Requirement for entry. The general requirement for admission to the Bachelor of Education B.

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Ed Programme is as follows:. Admissions will open on Monday, 16 th April and close on Friday, 27th July Mintah Eric Smile it off.

Stay updated via RSS. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:.

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Disclaimer Please use your course index without the student number to access this file. Remember that your password and your full index number is NOT requirement. An Admission Application Serial Number. The Admission Website Address- coeportal. NOTES Applicants are advised to read and to ensure they fully understand all related instructions before completing the application form. Applicants are to note that application forms not properly completed will not be processed.

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Applicants will be notified of the receipt of their applications by SMS text message and should therefore provide correct and reliable cell phone numbers when completing the form online. Applicants will also receive admission offer notifications by SMS and those who do not receive such notifications may understand it to mean that their applications were not successful. Applicants are to note that the Colleges will cross-check their results from the West African Examinations Council as part of the admission process.

Applicants found to have submitted fake or falsified documents in support of their applications will be made to face the legal consequences of their actions.

Older Entries. Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Post to Cancel. Theophilus Antwi on Integrated Science — Sug….The scheme contains 28 units of work, each one specifically designed to address the Primary Science National Curriculum. Read full description. In the first year, the scheme sold 1, copies to primary schools nationwide. By purchasing this downloadable online resource, you will be granted access to the PDF download to use for your school.

All parts of the scheme have been written using Word. It will therefore be possible for teachers to edit the text in order that their annotations address the specific learning needs of their children. The scheme contains 28 units of work, each one specifically designed to address the primary science national curriculum, which began in September Each unit contains information and advice required for teachers to provide excellent learning opportunities for their children:.

Each unit of study has been assigned to a particular year group in line with the guidance from the National Curriculum Suggestions have been made as to possible best times of year to study some of the units, as well as when different aspects of learning within a unit will need to be taught at different times across a year.

The scheme of work will be invaluable for supporting primary teachers with their lesson planning. Each of the units will have clear and thorough advice on the following aspects of quality provision for science:. For each of the units an assessment record sheet has been created. Each of these sheets will allow teachers to record children's achievements during their studies for both the knowledge aspects within a particular unit, and some of the requirements from Working Scientifically.

These record sheets and the intended learning objectives included in the units of study will enable the teachers to identify what the children need to know or be able to do next, as well as support them at different times in the year to make summative judgments as to the children's attainment.

Andrew Berry taught and held the position of science leader for nine years in primary schools in Kent. Andrew then worked for a further seven years as the primary science adviser for the primary schools in Kent. During this time he worked within over schools, wrote two schemes of work for science for the county, and was one of the authors for 'TASC wheel - problem solving in primary science'.

He also provided numerous training sessions for all school staff; including numerous county conferences. During this time Andrew was constantly providing training and supporting teachers in class across all subjects.Scheme of Work for Primary Religious Education In Key.

Teachers will need to refer to both War Horse, the play, by Of this booklet is practical work in primary science, Republic of namibia ministry of education junior primary phase for implementation pre-primary Grade : 7 Mathematics Laboratory in Primary Mathematics Laboratory in Primary.

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International Primary Download pre primary scheme of work pdf document. On this page you can read or download pre primary scheme of work pdf in PDF format. Suggested Post Western Cape Assignment 2 Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy May Memorandum Western Cape Assignment 2 Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy May Memorandum Mathematical Literacy Assignment Assignment Memorandum Grade 11 Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 Term 2 Assignment Memorandum Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy Term 2 Assignment Memorandum Memorandum For Mathematical Literacy Assignment For Term Two June For Grade 10 From National Senior Certificate Random Post term 3 life assigment grade 12 mind action grade 11 mathematics answer book pdf physical sciences paper 1 september pdf arihant iti air conditioning book grade 11lo june past june grade11 mathematics sba investigation 2 memorundum a well labelled grass cutter memorandum life science practical march bread mould grade 11 september physical sciences grade 10 projects environmental studis investigation of an ecosystem memo.

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